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Need to know about the Sony’s next PlayStation 5? Stay tuned because we are going to tell you everything that you are need to know about the upcoming rumored PlayStation 5 by Sony.

The Sony PlayStation 5, often called as PS5 is a gaming console device that is a successor to the Sony PlayStation 4. As we all know that play stations have been with us since two decades, most of us grew up all our lives playing the play stations and watch our dreams turn into reality with all those action, fantasy and adventure games going on since it gives us a real experience.

After a huge success with the PlayStation 4 which was officially released on 15 November 2013 and sold out 250,000 consoles within 2 days the fans soon began to question the release of PlayStation 5 all over the world and are desperately waiting for it to come out.


The successor to PS4, this console is much awaited gadget in market and by its diehard fans who will stop at nothing for questioning it, the play station 5 is expected to be a huge, huge difference, from all the mainstream the style graphics and the specs would be completely a blow out and much of a surprise.

A lot is expected from this rumored device keeping in view that each PlayStation was totally different than the other and with the latest technology, people constantly want more, with Microsoft in line for its massive console release in late 2017 fans may be expecting the PlayStation 5 to be much unique and better in the hard competition.


With the advancements in technology each day where we see better things around the strength of the gadget is questioned. As it is expected to be a massive change fans are expecting it to have a huge strength and power as compared to the previous versions, but the competition won't be easy because of new gadgets coming around in the Market.


Based upon the previous released dates a speculation about the release date can be given as the play station 5 is a rumored device there is no proper release date which is why we have speculated the release date by doing our own math.

When Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's Worldwide Studios, was asked about the PS5, he responded that he thought the PS5 was a question of 'if' rather than 'when'

  • PlayStation 1: December 3 1994
  • PlayStation 2: March 4 2000
  • ​PlayStation 3: November 12 2006
  • PlayStation 4: November 15 2013

From the above charts we can speculate that the much awaited PlayStation 5 is expected to be released somewhere in the end of 2020, around 10 to 20th of November which is still too far but the massive success of PlayStation 4 has encouraged Sony to develop this console much faster, let's hope they do it, we never know if its coming soon


PlayStation is most likely to take the form of a more mobile console that is easy to carry and is more mobile like, it is supposed to have a high durability with maximum strength which is not only confined to your bedrooms or lounges. Also it will be something small with large space for storage. The multitasking will be much faster. And they style will be something that can adjust to everyone since the competitors will soon be in markets. Something that can go on shelves is much easier anyways. The CPU and the RAM is expected to be much more and that's is what is needed by the fans in hopes that Sony considers this idea. It is speculated that the PS 5 may have these forms:

Console Controller and Virtual Design:

It will have a dual shock feature, dome shaped, developers will be able to add different layers of interactions in it. A Lot of customized options will be seen. The image will be floating like in this form.

Portable transformation:

The portable transformation will be small sections of discs that one will be able to carry around anywhere and will have a lot of control. A disc will be entered in the middle of the fan like design to enter into the world of fun.

Slim Concept:

A slim version of the PlayStation 5 has been designed which contains an ultra slim screen with different controls and looks much attractive with a highly protective screen to fit your needs.

Normal Console:

The normal form to the PlayStation 5 is least expected but if it came it would be in the form of blue stylish hexagons at a side that would make the show design much perfect and will have a cooling system to help its heat go off.

Levitating Console System:

The console will be as if it is levitating because it will be smooth and floating nearly in a dome shaped small circle with blue lights that actually is quite a nice grip and style.

These concepts are only the designs given by the top designers who do their best to bring the most updated and best type of device design into the market and are thus theoretical


Infinite Imaginations:

Developers with this mode will be free than ever and will have access to anything they imagine and create it then present us that game. Great right? We love it too. Almost anything is possible through this feature and the good thing is that it even maintains the quality of graphics RAM, CPU really well.

Great performance:

The performance will be relatively faster and much better as compared to the other versions of the console and not just better they will be transformed into something new, the whole look will be idealistic.

Console of PS 5:

The console is probably the center through which every game runs, in every version it is designed to be made better than the later version, developers are trying to make this console totally different to give a smooth and unique experience.

Learning your preferences:

It is speculated that the new PlayStation will be able to adapt to you and your personality, for an instance it will pick all the things that you like and leave up everything that you don't this being one true and loyal gadget to bring you comfort in the times of need. Now it can even be easier to win more games while in multiplayer. It will even give you information about all the things that you like and suggest you your favorite movies and TV shows etc. and know all the information that your friends share.

Motion balls:

Giving you a 5D effect this new ps5 is expected to have five motions balls which is a direct jump from 1 motion ball to 5 means 3D effect is way out of the scene.

Play and download together:

Some devices require you to download and play the game first, in PS 5 you will be the master. Download as you play the downloaded parts of the game as it gets downloaded, both at the same time in the background.


Since it will be such a big device, little memory is not expected from it nor it will run on a small memory, huge bits of memory will be needed to run and download those games. Which is why minimum space of 64GB would be suitable but if they go beyond it, it would be great and convenient.

The Graphics:

This time you will no longer have to face the 1080p resolution because it has jumped to 1700p with a full HD display unlike any other play station which would normally have a 1080p display. This is a major change which will change the view of PS5.

Dual shock Protector:

The sensors will be so light it will be felt lightly, the controlling keys like analogue sticks and trigger buttons are supposed to be shock resistant and highly sensitive to the touch and every single sense to provide better gaming options. The capacitive touch pad will make you enter into a new world of adventure and fantasy.

The new controller will have many specs and features to fulfil needs of the user and become user friendly and adaptive.


The price of PlayStation 5 is expected to be much more than PlayStation 4, it is so because with each era the advancements are more, surely the materials will be costly and thus will cause this gaming console to be much pricey than the other versions of PlayStation. If PlayStation 4 was for $399 the PlayStation 5 is expected to be somewhere between $600 to $700. No doubt that gaming is an expensive hobby and the prediction that it will cost more is an indication that the PlayStation 5 will come with a major change for the fanatics, also keeping in view that other consoles in the market that are trending are also in this price range so if a new and a better gadget is releasing, it is much likely to be pricey in comparison.


That was almost it about the upcoming PlayStation 5, we hope that you have had the information that you needed. What do you think? Let's know in the comments below.

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