Sony hasn’t announced any release date yet so it’s quite difficult to estimate exactly when we are going to see ps5 play station. For the moment all we have is the opinion of gaming industry experts to go on. Their prediction puts that play station 5’s release date at 2020.  Sony as of late turned into the first gaming console producer to introduce virtual reality. If we inspect PlayStation VR closely, it welcomes hypothesis about how a PS5 may take VR to another level.

As PS 5 is not in the market yet so what its price would be is a question mark for all of us. With the proclaiming of NEW CONSOLE, the web quickly goes into a craze, estimating about costs. It looks like Sony doesn’t want to alienate gamers with an enormous price label again. By taking a look at the PS3 and PS4, it’s quite clear that they learned from their slip up with the third console. There are some possibilities which are going to determine the price of PS 5.


History likes to repeat itself, as we have seen earlier there was a drastic increase in price when PS3 ARRIVED. Experts are visualizing a somewhat major price jump when it comes time for the PlayStation 5. This is an outcome of the immense growth in technology that we are expecting over the next few years. It is difficult, nearly impossible to put a price point. Let’s debate on one more main aspect which can affect the price of PS5. It’s in speculations that PS5 might have two versions to reach a broader audience. One version of the PS 5 will be a centre set up with just the most fundamental of specs and abilities. The other form will offer a more powerful setup for gaming geeks and it prize can go as high as $600.


The rising price of goods and services over time is Inflation which will also take part in determining the price of PlayStation 5. How about we expect the estimation of the dollar goes up, and inflation decreases. At that point, we could see the increase in price same as ps1 to ps2 in which case. The Playstation5 would cost four hundred dollars just like the ps4. This is highly doubtful, however, thinking about the present situation of our economy and government.

By looking at the pricing trends and reviews of the analysts its quite clear that ps5 is going to release at any price point in between $399- $499. They are considering $599 a possibility too.

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